There are few experiences which are as isolating and devastating as infertility.  It rips away our dreams, our identity, and even our sanity. Yet most of this struggle takes place in private, while life barrels on as usual.  Sometimes even our closest friends and family are unaware that anything is wrong.  And even if they know some of the details of the struggle, they cannot fully understand unless they have been through it themselves.  Millions of us deal with this torment every second of every day, yet it is rare for us to connect because society has taught us to suffer in silence.  I have been dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss for the past 12 years, and each time I connect with a fellow infertile, I win back a small piece of myself. 

There have been few musicians who have been bold enough to openly express the devastation of infertility.  I am only aware of three songs on the topic, but these songs have been some of my best friends in my darkest times.  So when nine songs came to me and pushed their way out into the world, I felt compelled to share them with as many people as possible.  I want my fellow Sisters to know that we are not alone, and I want the fertile population to gain a glimmer of understanding of the storm which violently churns just behind the smiles of their infertile loved ones.

A collection of original songs on the theme of infertility and pregnancy loss. 

Julie Aguas


"The Weather"