Once upon a time, there was ignorant bliss.
A life out of scrapbooks was waiting to start.
Then came the siege, though I never heard footsteps.
My body betrayed me and exiled my heart.
Soul struck mute, I wandered with strangers
Who spoke in a language I couldn't recognize.
A jagged lost piece, left out of the puzzle,
Til the day life delivered the sweetest surprise.

You're my dearest Sisters -- we're twins on the inside.
United insanity binds for all time.
Forcibly joined in unwanted sorority,
We'll face it together, sweet Sisters of mine.

We don't really look anything like each other,
But inside our heart-scars are perfectly aligned.
We don't share a hobby, we don't share a mother,
But your brainwaves loop endlessly, the same way as mine.

Julie Aguas


One instant, one image
The song cuts to silence.
Cross a one-way threshold 
From light into blindness.
Hijacked by hindsight
What started the rumbling?
The quake causing dominoes
Unstoppable tumbling.
Thought I had planned all 
The stop drop and rolling.
But now I'm just melting,

And all I want you to do is to
Take me back to the time
And I'll do it right.
I know I can be more perfect this time around.
My knees on the ground, I'll do anything just
Take me back to the time
And we'll be just fine
We'll stay here forever holding each other I know
I'll never let go, I'll do anything just
Please, be kind
Rewind, rewind.

I didn't know then that
I had it all in my hands.
And now they're empty, bleeding
Can't remember the feeling.
Such a fool for nudging
The fast-forward button.
But now it's too late.

Pass It On

The kings are in their corners,
The eights are crazy too,
But there's a place where I can go
And fill the cracks with glue.
Where chocolate melts away my cares
And solitaire is played in pairs,
And when the lights dim down, we always know we'll

Pass it on.
Your story moves through me right down the line.
Pass it on.
The sugar trumps the bitter every time.

A simple dream, it came to life
While sleeping on a train.
And a woman who's afraid of heights 
Is piloting a plane.
So if I shoot the moon and find
The cards are stacked and the dealer's blind,
And when my lights dim down, I always know.
You'll be there to...


Through the slats of a white picket fence,
I once viewed a suffering world.
Munching popcorn, tissues in hand as
Heartbreaking plots unfurled.
Someone else, so far away.
I prayed harder that night.
But I knew that one day things would turn out right.

I watched their soldiers crawl,
And I said, "That can't happen to me."
But it can
And it did
And I don't feel safe anymore.
I watched their cities fall,
And I said, "That can't happen to me."
But I feel
Like it will
And I don't have faith anymore.

How can I walk on such fragile ground?
How can I hedge my bet? 
So as not to fall victim again
To life's random roulette.
Looking up, searching for light,
But all I see is empty sky.
And no one answers as I'm asking why.

Got to breathe in the air somehow.
There's life to live in the moment now.
Caught a little ahead, a little behind.
Trapped in my mind.

It Burns

The birds and the bees
Flee to the trees
Every time I come around.
I climb and I stretch
But never quite catch them
And land in a heap on the ground.
What is it going to take?
How many falls til I learn?
No matter how many nights
I turn out the lights
..A candle still burns.

It burns...
In blustering wind
Or starving of air
It burns.
Blow out my lungs
Tell my mind not to care
So tell me now, how do I stop?

Surrendered my life
To needle and knife.
Private and public collide.
Each climb to the top
Leads to vertical drop
When bound to a roller coaster ride.
Am I kidding myself
To think it will ever be my turn?
No matter how many nights
I turn out the lights
..A candle still burns.

Each time I picture my life
Moving on with this piece set adrift,
I see my eyes averting to all things glowing,
My lips stuck forming the shape of "what if."

The Weather

Each conversation started
With a lie today.
When you asked me, "How are you?"
I said, "I'm OK."
But what could I say?
What could I say?
When one stone is loosened,
The dam washes away.
And what would I hear?
What would I hear?
"It's only God's will, girl.
There's nothing to fear."

So I smile,
And talk on the weather.
That's right.
Yeah, I've got it together.
You're safe,
And you won't ever know
About the gravestones inside of me
Lined up in rows.
The tiniest graves
Where no flower grows.

Each conversation ended
With me writhing in pain,
Walking in silence,
Alone in the rain.
What good is hope,
Slipping out of my hands?
And what good is truth
that no one understands?
And why do life's blessings
Make it hurt so much worse?
What would I give
For any other curse?

Pretty Good Day

Silence stretches through the night in a long forgotten way.
Morning tunnels through the fog, distinguishing the day.
Screams retreat beyond the walls, and laughter has its say.
It's pretty good day.

Many days and nights have passed since last I held you near,
And now and then neglect to leave a tragic souvenir.
My fingers dance across the keys, a new song comes to play.
It's a pretty good day.

Good day, good day.
The light effect
Did not expect 
To wake to find it here today.
Good day, good day
To mend the cracks
In shattered glass
We thought would never go away.
Good day. 

The greatest leap can land you on your feet or on your knees.
It sparks the urge to cradle close life's fragile revelries.
If only time could leave it's post, allowing me to stay.
In this pretty good day.

Streaks of colors paint the sky as the faithful sun descends
Love stitching light and dark alike, with thread that never ends.
Flip my collar, face the wind, and silently I pray
For a pretty good day.

Lay down your burden, dive into the day.
Let the current of the sweet song carry you away.

The Fisherman

Forty weeks.

Might as well be 40,000 years.
With every second
Holding me captive.
A part of me
A universe away.
A dream you, feel you, bury you
Over and over and over again

And here comes The Fisherman 
Luring me in.
It sparkles and shimmers 
Til it's piercing my skin.
And dangling and gasping 
I am my own prey
Cuz I summon The Fisherman 
Day after day.
I won't ask for hope or good luck or good sense but
Won't you grant me some indifference?

Hear the good news,
Turning it inside out.
A smile bars the gate
To the battleground.
Question each bite,
Question every step.
Will this tip the scale that's teetering
For and against this flickering heart?

Turn it off,
I don't want to feel it.
Speed it up,
Can't hold my breath forever
Lay me down,
And just wake me up when it's over,
One way or another.

Planting Flowers (in a field of landmines)

Planting flowers in a field of land mines,
It doesn't take much for a spark to ignite.
A watering can to feed the roots and drown the flames.
I shrink, shrink, shrink to keep my footsteps light.

Seed, sprout, and leaf, 
These vines have encircled my mind 
Since I was a child
But reality turns,
It tangles and strangles and burns
And order runs wild.
And here we go again...

Planting flowers in a field of land mines,

It doesn't take much for a spark to ignite.

Not the land pictured in my daydreams.

I shrink, shrink, shrink to keep my footsteps light.

10,000 maps, 
All pointing in different directions
And promising light
But there can't be rules
In some situations, just fools
All sure that they're right.
And here we go again...

Planting flowers in a field of land mines,

It doesn't take much for a spark to ignite.

Reaching out, won't someone lend a hand now?

I shrink, shrink, shrink to keep my footsteps light.

Where am I now?
Where does the water flow?
Where am I now?
I don't know which way to go.
Where is the sun?
Not sure I can take it much longer
Here we go again..

Planting flowers in a field of land mines,

It doesn't take much for a spark to ignite.

Running low, ain't got much more to give now.

I shrink, shrink, shrink,

Shrink, shrink, shrink.

I shrink, shrink, shrink to keep my footsteps light.